Cozy Sipper - Cranky Sam's Collaboration

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hyg·ge (noun): a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being

We have seen other beers around that featured coffee, and we wanted to find a great partner to feature Hygge Coffee.
It seemed like all the other breweries were already working with the same few roasters...
...but we wanted to find someone who wasn't already working with someone else and who creates amazing beer.
When Cranky Sam's opened, we new they were a perfect fit!
We approached with the idea of collaborating, and they were immediately on board!
We all love to sip on a beer and tell stories. So, when coming up with the perfect coffee blend to feature in the Cozy Sipper, we wanted to highlight coffee that told a story.
In the Cranky Sam's Cozy Sipper Golden Stout Blend, we feature beans from Ethiopia and the Congo. The Ethiopian coffee delivers delicious berry and graham cracker notes. The Congolese coffee (from Mighty Peace) brings citrusy notes to the blend. Featuring this coffee is a great way to spread the message of Mighty Peace and promote the amazing work they are doing to support the people of the Congo.

Grab a cup of coffee, or a pint of beer. Either way you are bound to have a delicious experience!

Ideal Brewing Methods:

Espresso, French Press, Pour Over, Aeropress, Drip

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