Cold Brew Blend

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We like cold brews and we can not lie!

Sometimes it is because of the weather. Other times, it is just personal preference.

In either case, sometimes a cold brew is just what the doctor ordered!

In our opinion, a cold brew blend shouldn't be any less quality than any other coffee blend. We made sure to put a delicious combination of specialty coffee together that both met our demanding standards and tasted delicious!

In a blend, we look at coffees from different origins in the same way a chef looks at ingredients. Different origins bring something unique to the table.

In this blend, we thought about a delicious morning fruit pastry.

As a base, we went with 3/4 Guatemala. This is like the crust of the pastry (bringing those nutty and graham crackers notes to the table).

We finished the blend off with 1/4 Ethiopia. This give the blend that fruity berry punch we were looking for!

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