Decaffeinated Peru Medium Roast Coffee

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  • Decaffeinated Peru Medium Roast Coffee
  • Decaffeinated Peru Medium Roast Coffee
Origin Information:
A delicious single origin coffee grown at 1,400 meters from a wide variety of Cooperatives including APROCASSI, Casil, Cenfrocafe, COCLA, Coicafe, and Naranjillo in the region Junin, Peru.  This coffee has been decaffeinated using Swiss Water Process which is a process that doesn't use harmful chemicals to remove the caffeine but instead uses water. This more gentle process helps allow the flavor to remain in the bean so you don't have to drink bad Decaf coffee!  
Flavor Profile:
Toasted almonds, Toffee, Smokey, and full of flavor
Process Method:
Washed/Wet Process, Swiss Water Decaffeination Process
Medium to Dark
Ideal Brew Methods:
Espresso, French Press, Drip
Swiss Water Process, Organic (not currently USDA Certified)

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