Handmade Ceramic Handleless Mug

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It is undeniable that enjoying an amazing cup of coffee is a magical experience in and of itself.  Adding to this experience are the sensory factors we experience while enjoying our drink... taste, smell, and feel of it all together.  We are so excited to have found a 10 oz. ceramic mug that adds such a unique value to the coffee drinking experience.  These mugs are an ideal weight in your hand, with precise thickness allowing you easily sip an enjoy your coffee hindrance free.  Using two hands to hold and enjoy your coffee, provides the cozy feeling that brings back the nostalgia of sitting by a warm crackling campfire with loved ones.  The soft glazed feel of the mug permeates a handmade personal touch that is so genuine.  

If you're looking to enjoy your coffee from a mug that adds value to the experience than this is the mug for you.  


Handmade Ceramic Handleless Mugs have been made by Notary Ceramics in Portland, Oregon.

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